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Naming | Brand Identity | Illustration | Motion Design

Third spaces for regular workers tend to be limited: after the 9 to 5 grind, it’s party time at the pub. Tough luck for those of us who’d like a clear head the morning after. Enter Shhpace - a fictional cafe that takes downtime to the next level. From sleep-promoting menu to the ambient quiet atmosphere, it’s everything you could dream of.


The idea of Shhpace extends beyond a regular café experience: it’s an act of self-care, part of lifestyle and an alternative way to socialise in the after-work hours. The challenge was to create a brand that reflected those offerings in an approachable way.


The visual and verbal identity celebrates the unconventional nature of Shhpace. The whole system is supported by a hand-drawn cloud-like sleepy cat mascot which exudes warmth and character. Hand-drawn elements add a relaxed vibe together with a colour palette that draws inspiration from delicious hues of a sunset sky, while playful copy and wordplay underscore the brand’s idiosyncratic feel.

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